Project: Free Faith

Hello and welcome to ‘Project: Free Faith.’ This is a place where people of all religions or even those who don’t believe can come to discuss and understand one another in peace. I created this site to allow open discourse between people of all beliefs in the spirit of brotherhood and friendship. I intend to make this a place where people aren’t judged or persecuted, no matter what they believe. I am a Christian myself and my faith tells me that I should love my neighbor. Period. It doesn’t say love thy Christian neighbors, or love thy neighbor unless he’s a Pagan. It says love thy neighbor and I consider all people of every color, nationality and religion to be my neighbors, with no exceptions.

I welcome all comments on all posts, and will never close any post because there can always be new ideas. I will not delete comments (with the exception of multiple copies of the same post) or block individuals as I also believe in forgiveness. If you come on here and post offensive messages, that simply shows your intolerance and ignorance and will only reflect badly on you. My intention is to also have many guest bloggers who will bring views from other faiths to the table and I am no expert on other religions. I have a rough idea about many of them, but there are as many belief systems as there are people; not everyone agrees with every minute detail that their particular faith preaches.

I hope this will be a place where humanity can celebrate it’s similarities, rather than fighting about their differences. So please, relax and enjoy the discussions, but most of all, don’t be shy. If you agree or disagree on any particular point, speak up (preferably without being offensive. We’re here to discuss the tenets of the faiths, not point fingers at each other). You may say something that helps someone else understand something.

Recent Discussions –

One God – Why do so many people who believe in one God assume theirs is different to someone else’s? – Jimi Holmes – All Faiths – 9.10.2015

Excuse me, please, aren’t you a ____? – The first of hopefully many guest posts on here. Kunal Thakore graces us with his thoughts on people judging a book by it’s cover – Kunal Thakore – All Faiths – 9.1.2015

Heaven’s Entry Requirements – There are differing views on what is actually required to get into heaven. Here I discuss two of the most prominent and what I take from the debate. – Jimi Holmes – Christian – 8.28.2015

The Science of Creationism – Why do people believe that faith and science have to be mutually exclusive when they work so well together? – Jimi Holmes – Christian – 8.27.2015

8 thoughts on “Project: Free Faith”

  1. Hello and pleased to meet you! I was directed here from the WP Community Pool and I’m glad I popped in. What you’re opening up is a topic close to my heart and which keeps me awake wondering why the difference. I’m not going to preach my beliefs or my faith here, but would rather like to share a couple of my pieces and I hope you enjoy them.

    I’d love to hear your views and thanks in advance! Blessings…

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    1. Beautiful work. It certainly seems that you feel the same as I do about what damage is caused by people who choose to focus on the differences and hold onto that ‘us and them’ mentality. I don’t know what your faith is, but if you feel like it, I would be honored to have a guest post from you on this blog. This is exactly what I created this site for: conversation between people who believe that even different faiths can be a uniting force rather than a reason to hate each other. Please consider it, and peace be with you.

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      1. Why, thank you, Jimi! It’s an honour for me and will be a pleasure as well. I’m going to ask you for a couple of days to work on something for you. And is there an email I can send it on? Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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  2. I love this concept. I have experienced hatred and condemnation from “people of faith” due to my beliefs and sexual orientation. This kind of cruelty leads many people to a crisis of faith. I have my own beliefs if you care to read…you can find them in my header menu under “God Is A Verb.” Thank you Kunal for leading me here! Love is all…. MW

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  3. i … had nothing better to do so i followed Kunal Thakore’s wet footprints from the pool and found myself here. i’d say it was a lucky strike … except i don’t believe in luck. i don’t think there are things like “happy coincidences”. Just blessings. From whom/what/where/when/why doesn’t matter to me. Ok, so it does, a little. Main point is i think we go thru life looking for beauty and missing the majestic panorama painted before us. imnsho

    ps – i love what you’re doing here, what this site stands for, and plan on being back frequently.

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